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Last Post 16 Oct 2006 11:54 PM by  tz350
Around the bay in a day wrap-up
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16 Oct 2006 11:54 PM
    Sunday the 15th of Oct EPX Bikes provided a service stop for the participants in the Bicycling Victoria, Around the bay in a day event.

    Upwards of 14000 cyclist of all shapes and sizes took part in one of the legs on offer with about 8400 making the full circuit from Docklands to Queenscliff and back to Docklands. Some went east and some west.

    Our day was almost met with tragedy as we stopped to assist at an accident 47km out of town where two riders had a coming together with one falling very heavily. At one stage he had lost a pulse and if not for the sensational efforts of the medics on hand I have no doubt things would have turned out with the worst possible outcome. I cannot remember the names of the two support crew in the Crown station wagon but a big ‘hat’s off’ indeed, you were both exceptional.

    Following our ‘minor’ interruption we arrived in Queenscliff 2 hours late and before we had the chance to drop the tailgate on the ute we had our first rider in need of mechanical help. From then on until 1 pm the two of us didn’t stop with every thing from the standard puncture and at least 30 broken spokes. And some rippers including an exploded cassette body and a guy that turned up with one crank arm in his hand. We managed to sort out and get everyone except 2 riders mobile; not a bad hit rate!

    If there was one thing that stood out to us it was the unbelievable lack of preparation undertaken by some riders for such an event. 1 tube, no patch kit and $5 cash does not count as being prepared. One can only wonder.
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