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Entries for April 2011

Today on eBay - Ex-EPX Carbon Fiber Seat Posts
The previous distributor of EPX bikes in Australia still has a few unbranded carbon fiber seat posts left. These are the long 400mm version.I have a branded one of these for my Terrashark and an unbranded one for my Speedster project. View the link below to get to the page on eBay.  Read more

Today on eBay - EPX TT
Today I've spotted an EPX TT without the Reef labels on eBay. This one is located in New York, USA and has a buy-now price of $1650 USD on it.It's fully equipped and the seller says he's done around 800 miles on it.  Read more

Massive EPX photo gallery now finally online!
This has been a long time coming, and it's not even complete, but it's ready for people to have a look at.The majority of the images in the gallery are sourced from Andrew Rowe, who worked on the bikes throughout their development and manufacture, and hopefullly he'll be able to help organise them a little better as I'm unsure about a lot of it.For... Read more

EPX 303SL frame on eBay
Spotted this item too late today - It's already sold!A nice looking EPX 303SL frame with carbon forks and matching EPXtras seat post. This was sold by the former Australian EPX distributor and went for $201 AUD. We'll see how long it takes to show up here on the forum!I'll be keeping an eye on what's going on at eBay. If anyone else spots anything ... Read more