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Last Post 25 Sep 2019 12:43 PM by  [email protected]
Mako belt drive
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25 Sep 2019 2:50 AM
    Hi all please could anyone let me know how to download pictures of my bike as I have tried but the web site only seems to allow certain sized files 1024 kb any bigger and you cannot download ?? Just a quick question is my bike rare at all as all Mako epx's seem chain driven ????
    [email protected]
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    New Member

    25 Sep 2019 12:43 PM
    Hi, I've just checked the image uploading to see if it's still working. The forum is very old and so some things are a bit creaky.

    Yes, there is a limitation of 1Mb per image because they are saved at their full size and are not resized. I can't fill the server up with large files and even 1Mb is a big file.

    The best thing to do is use a simple image resizer. For Windows I recommend this one:

    Have a look at the screenshot on the page there.

    It's very simple to use:

    1. After installation, just find and select the image, or even several images at the same time, with your mouse.
    2. Right click the selected images and choose 'Resize Pictures' on the menu.
    3. Pick a size - Medium is plenty.
    4. Don't tick the box that says 'Resize the original pictures' so that it doesn't overwrite your full size copies
    5. Click resize

    It will create resized copies of the images in the same location.

    This is a really handy tool to keep on your computer for any image resizing you might want to so.

    Once attached to a post, you can click the little 'plus' symbol to insert them into the post. If you don't then they will be displayed as links, which is also fine.

    Hope that helps.

    p.s. I've never seen any production figures, but at this point, all EPX bikes are rare. The belt drive was used on several models that looked similar to the Mako.. the Stringer, Sand Skimmer, and I have a Speedster frame that had the belt drive on it before I got it. I'd like to get one for it, but they don't seem to be around.
    You are not authorized to post a reply.