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2002 EPX Product Catalog

Robert Axford 0 493
To help anyone looking for EPX bicycle specifications, I've gone through my old files and pulled out this PDF catalog from 2002 which has various charts of specs in it for most of the bikes and also accessories. This is the only information I have with any specifications. Download it on the...

EPX Roadster on eBay

Robert Axford 0 399

We haven't put up a post about a bike on eBay for quite some time, so here we go. It's a UK model Roadster, meaning it is an EP-X rather than an EPX. It even comes with the belt drive!

Check it out on the link below.

Spam Accounts Deleted

Robert Axford 0 509
I've removed several dozen user accounts that appeared to be created by bots. There's a small chance that a valid user was deleted. Please register again if necessary. I also replaced the registration form with a new one incorporating a Google reCaptcha checkbox. Hopefully this will stop...

EXP Site Updates - July 2022

Robert Axford 0 513
It's been over 11 years since the EPX forum launched and now it's time for some upgrades as both the forum and news manager have become obsolete. I've installed and configured new plugins that had facilities to import all content from the old versions. This means that everyone's...

EPX Forum Upgrade

Anonym 0 6818

I've upgraded the CMS and the forum plugin and have had to reset it to all default templates, which has made a mess of the  nice styling I had done for the site. I'll fix it up soon. In the meantime, please report any bugs, thanks!


EPX Terrashark Extended Shock Mounts

Robert Axford 0 9731

Asher Rios from Santa Cruz California has been crafting some much needed parts for EPX bike owners and recently added an extended shock mount for Terrasharks to his portfolio.

There are no official parts available for EPX bikes and this is the only way to get these items now. So don't miss this opportunity to get a better shock mount or some spare dérailleur hangers for your Terrashark!

Read Asher's

EPX Hammer head frame

Anonym 0 13887

Spotted on ebay today is an new-ish EPX hammerhead carbon fibre hardtail frame. These are pretty uncommon and this looks quite nice, but the owner wants to sell it locall in Hawaii.