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Last Post 13 May 2009 11:51 AM by  robert
Bike Parts forum guidelines
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13 May 2009 11:51 AM

    Please use the EPX Bike Parts forum for posting anything you like so long as it is related to selling or obtaining parts to help you continue to enjoy your EPX bicycle. Commercial adverts are allowed in here so long as they are only occasional, subtle and in some way relevant to EPX bike owners. Do not post adverts in any of the other forums. The forum will remain open and unmoderated for as long as possible and unsuitable posts will simply be removed without further comment.

    Note of course that does not in any way endorse or guarantee the legitimacy of any person, product or post in this forum. Buyer beware! And please report anything dubious-looking.

    Have fun!
    Rob is no longer affiliated in any way with EPMB or any former EPX sales offices. is now strictly a focal point for EPX bike owners. Please refer to the Status of EPX website post for details.

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