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EPX Roadster on eBay

Robert Axford 0 364

We haven't put up a post about a bike on eBay for quite some time, so here we go. It's a UK model Roadster, meaning it is an EP-X rather than an EPX. It even comes with the belt drive!

Check it out on the link below.

EPX Hammer head frame

Anonym 0 13865

Spotted on ebay today is an new-ish EPX hammerhead carbon fibre hardtail frame. These are pretty uncommon and this looks quite nice, but the owner wants to sell it locall in Hawaii.

Today on eBay - EPX Speedster

Robert Axford 0 17226

Just seen on ebay this week, a nice looking Speedster in plain carbon finish. This is the same as the frame I have and that I want to build up once I've figured out what to do about the disintegrating bump-stop by the frame hinge! That issue may affect this bike on eBay as well... can't say.

It's set up as a single speed road bike with carbon fork, but aluminium bar and stem. He's got a buy-now of $1500 USD on it, and it appears to be...

EPX 303SL frame on eBay

Robert Axford 0 14211

Spotted this item too late today - It's already sold!

A nice looking EPX 303SL frame with carbon forks and matching EPXtras seat post. This was sold by the former Australian EPX distributor and went for $201 AUD. We'll see how long it takes to show up here on the forum!

I'll be keeping an eye on what's going on at eBay. If anyone else spots anything EPX-related up for sale anywhere, let me know and I'll put it up here as...