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2002 EPX Product Catalog

Robert Axford 0 493
To help anyone looking for EPX bicycle specifications, I've gone through my old files and pulled out this PDF catalog from 2002 which has various charts of specs in it for most of the bikes and also accessories. This is the only information I have with any specifications. Download it on the...

Massive EPX photo gallery now finally online!

Robert Axford 0 17974

This has been a long time coming, and it's not even complete, but it's ready for people to have a look at.

The majority of the images in the gallery are sourced from Andrew Rowe, who worked on the bikes throughout their development and manufacture, and hopefullly he'll be able to help organise them a little better as I'm unsure about a lot of it.

For now, just enjoy having a look through - Make sure you click into all the folders...