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Spam Accounts Deleted

Robert Axford 0 484
I've removed several dozen user accounts that appeared to be created by bots. There's a small chance that a valid user was deleted. Please register again if necessary. I also replaced the registration form with a new one incorporating a Google reCaptcha checkbox. Hopefully this will stop...

EXP Site Updates - July 2022

Robert Axford 0 487
It's been over 11 years since the EPX forum launched and now it's time for some upgrades as both the forum and news manager have become obsolete. I've installed and configured new plugins that had facilities to import all content from the old versions. This means that everyone's...

EPX Forum Upgrade

Anonym 0 6795

I've upgraded the CMS and the forum plugin and have had to reset it to all default templates, which has made a mess of the  nice styling I had done for the site. I'll fix it up soon. In the meantime, please report any bugs, thanks!


EPX Terrashark Extended Shock Mounts

Robert Axford 0 9700

Asher Rios from Santa Cruz California has been crafting some much needed parts for EPX bike owners and recently added an extended shock mount for Terrasharks to his portfolio.

There are no official parts available for EPX bikes and this is the only way to get these items now. So don't miss this opportunity to get a better shock mount or some spare dérailleur hangers for your Terrashark!

Read Asher's

Massive EPX photo gallery now finally online!

Robert Axford 0 17947

This has been a long time coming, and it's not even complete, but it's ready for people to have a look at.

The majority of the images in the gallery are sourced from Andrew Rowe, who worked on the bikes throughout their development and manufacture, and hopefullly he'll be able to help organise them a little better as I'm unsure about a lot of it.

For now, just enjoy having a look through - Make sure you click into all the folders...

EPX Owner's Forum Website

Robert Axford 0 14332

The EPX Owner's website is getting a long-overdue make over. The previous design was the final version of the official EPX Australia website. Since the company closed doors, this website has been running as a forum for owners of these unique bikes to share experiences and show off their custom builds.

Some of the guys here have already got replacement parts machined and there is plenty of advice about new shocks and forks.