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EPX History

EP-X 2001 UK Brochure - Download Available
EPX bike enthusiast Derek Singh-Hulass mailed me this brochure a long time ago for the purposes of putting a copy up on the site for everyone to enjoy. A mere 5 years later I've finally done it! Grab the file from this blog post. If anyone's wondering - the bikes were called EP-X in the UK and EPX everywhere else. Read more

Massive EPX photo gallery now finally online!
This has been a long time coming, and it's not even complete, but it's ready for people to have a look at.The majority of the images in the gallery are sourced from Andrew Rowe, who worked on the bikes throughout their development and manufacture, and hopefullly he'll be able to help organise them a little better as I'm unsure about a lot of it.For... Read more